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Oyen Brings Money To Its Owner, But “It’s Not Enough”

Pictures: TikTok @catslums, TopPNG

If there’s one cat that can be the leader of the pack, it has to be this famous orange cat. Maybe we can compare Oyen with Perodua Myvi. Both have the dominant vibe as they are the rulers of the house and the road. Others might have a love-hate relationship with them. Oyen, although furious, is still loved by many. Despite being famous for causing trouble on the road, Myvi is still one of the most purchased cars in Malaysia.


Picture: PetsRadar

Do you have a cat? Is it an Oyen? We once had an orange feline with the same name too. He was hyperactive and stubborn but a sweetheart. Sadly, he didn’t live long. But! If you still have an Oyen, are they the naughty-yet-sweet too?

Speaking of sweet behaviour, this one Oyen takes the cake. It might’ve committed some serious crime, but from its cute looks, we might cut him some slacks.

Oyen brings money to its owner!

@catslums was surprised when the orange cat brought home something with its mouth. She inspected the cat and saw some money notes!

Perhaps, Oyen went out for a daily stroll and found the money on the street. However, instead of ignoring it, the cat thought of its owner first and brought it back! Aw, isn’t that sweet?


wah hebat Oyen bisa kita suruh buat nyopet nih🗿wkwk #kucingcopet #kucingoyen #kucinglucu #kucinghebat #kucingpinter #kucingcerdas #kucing

♬ Originalton – ☁︎ℐ⋆ǂǂ๑☁︎

Funnily, the owner was surprised by Oyen’s gift. She repeatedly asked, “Who’s money is this? I didn’t teach you to steal!”

Like owner, like a cat. She then said, “This isn’t enough. Try finding something else!”

Oh, no. We thought the owner wanted to scold Oyen for stealing, but she asked the cat to find more!

The cat brings luck to its owner

The owner of the cat needs to be careful because many voice their desire to adopt Oyen. Why? The cat brings money to its owner. Who wouldn’t want a smart orange cat?


Picture: TikTok @catslums


Picture: TikTok @catslums

After this, cats around the world might be trained to bring home money instead of animals. Oh, no! Or yes?

Source: TikTok @catslums

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