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Do Not Ever Tell Your Mother That Her Cooking Is Bad!

Picture: @cikamiekugengster

As a daughter or a son of your mother, what are the things that you should never tell her, even as the truth? Well, there might be some things, but let us tell you this: Never, ever in your life tell her that her cooking is bad, tasteless, or that other people cook better than her. I repeat, never, even if it is the truth.

Mothers are associated with house chores such as cooking, cleaning, washing, caring for children, and more. Even mothers who have careers are also not excluded from doing the work in the house. We guess, maybe, it is their nature to want to see their homes tidy and clean.

They do multiple things now and then. Thus, as children, we should appreciate their hard work. is different with this girl. In a video shared by @cikamiekugengster, she has made a mistake! Oh no! What has she done? Play the video below to find out:


Aduhh anak pun jujur sangat !! #fyp #cikamiekugengster #tiktokkelateykito

♬ original sound – Cikamie Ku Gengster – Cikamie Ku Gengster

It is known that the rice and egg the girl is eating are from a restaurant. Her father then asks her if her mother’s cooking or food from the restaurants is better.

Guess what? The girl being honest, answers, ‘the restaurant!’

As the mother hears her answer, she jokingly sulks as any typical Asian mothers do.

Do not worry, mother! We believe that the girl is joking with you. We also know that your cooking is better than the restaurants. In fact, all mothers’ cooking is delicious!

Thank you for the hard work, mothers!

Source: @cikamiekugengster (TikTok)

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