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Mom With Tourette Syndrome Shares How She Handles Her Baby

Picture: @syaatiaa97

Being a mother is a gift. Many women share their lives as a mother on social media, including this woman with Tourette syndrome. She inspires many people. Even with her condition, she is a great mother to her children.

In a video shared by @syaatiaa97, she demonstrates how she, as a person with Tourette syndrome, handles her newborn baby.


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♬ Little Things – Adrian Berenguer

According to her, her tics start to get active as she gets nervous trying to lift her baby. The one thing that helps her keep the tics calm is by ‘kissing the tics away.’ Ah, so sweet and cute!

People might feel scared for the baby. But do not worry! She assures us that her tics never hurt the baby. Once she lifts her baby, she reveals that the tics instantly calm down.

Viewers are amazed at how a mother’s connection to her baby can do such a thing:



Picture: @syaatiaa97

Some people might not know Tourette syndrome. Thus, continue reading to know more:

According to Dr. Ahmad Shahir Mawardi, cited from BERNAMA, this condition is a neurological disease. Tourette syndrome usually starts with tics. People with symptoms of tics will be diagnosed with the syndrome if the tics continue for a year.

Want to learn more? Read here.

Source: @syaatiaa97 (TikTok), BERNAMA

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