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‘Bruno’s Swing’ Is An Emblem Of A Mother’s Endless Love For Their Child

Bruno's Swing
Pictures: Yanko Design, Pngtree

There’s a breathtaking sculpture created by Federica Sala named Bruno’s Swing. What makes this sculpture so unique is that it’s a kinetic sculpture, meaning the swing can practically move or be put into motion. However, what inspires Federica to build it? The story behind it will warm your heart.

Bruno's Swing

Picture: Yanko Design

It all started when Federica gave birth to her first son. After witnessing an angel in her arms, she put those overwhelming emotions into art. Then, it became an emblem of a mother’s love for their child.

Usually, mothers will cradle their babies in their arms to help them sleep. It’s a therapeutic activity and bonding moment between the mother and child. However, according to Federica, she stopped swinging Bruno in her arms because he had become too heavy. Aw. That’s a sign Little Bruno is growing up into a boy now.

Yet, Federica missed having Bruno in her arms. Therefore, she commemorated the comfort of having her son in her embrace by creating this kinetic sculpture! Federica said, “It was a wonderful sensation, and I wanted to keep it.”

Dive into the creation of Bruno’s Swing

Bruno's Swing

Picture: Yanko Design

There’s a red heart-shaped seat suspended from a bent-metal frame. The frame is in the shape of a mother. So, when a child sits on the seat, the swinging motion will look like a heartbeat!

The whole idea of the sculpture is to visualise a mother’s heartbeat syncing with their child. What a gorgeous metaphor, Federica!

Even though the sculpture appears simple and minimalistic, the message Federica sends through it resonates with many.

Keeping the sensations alive

As Bruno grows up, Federica fears the memories of those precious moments will fade away. Although it’s there in her mind and heart, not getting to experience swinging Bruno in her arms again can be depressing. With this sculpture, Federica can always revisit those sensations.

She added, “This work is for Bruno to enjoy, but it is above all a ‘memorandum’ for me of this moment in which I felt like that, a strong woman, very close to her son, very much alive, with a heart that was pounding for this union.”

In this world, no one loves a child more than their mothers. Hence, the message of eternal love is perfectly depicted in Bruno’s Swing.

We hope Federica and Bruno will continue being happy together for a long time. <3

Sources: Twitter Science girl, Yanko Design

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