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Extreme Challenge In The Rain! “You Stand Up, You Pay.”

Picture: @maggiebakarr

Having friends who are as ‘crazy’ as you is a blessing! They will come up with fun and extreme activities that you will cherish forever. When you get older, that will be the things that you will share with children — the story of your youth.

We stumble across a video on TikTok about a group of friends at a restaurant. The video is shared by @maggiebakarr.

Watch the video to know what it is about:


siapa bangun dia bayar🤣 #fyp #beranda #part1

♬ เสียงต้นฉบับ – DJ Tonkar Remix – DJ Tonkar Remix

Wow, that is one extreme challenge!

It is a tradition here when you go out with friends, and there will be one person who wants to pay for the meal. Sometimes, it is not just one person, but more than one. Then, they will end up ‘arguing’ about who should pay.

But…it is different with this one group of friends in the video. It looks like nobody wants to pay. And oh no! It is already raining!

The friends come up with a challenge, “You stand up, you pay.” That looks like fun! Everyone seems to resist the heavy rain so that their money is ‘safe’ from being used.

Read some of the funny commentaries from the viewers:


Picture: @maggiebakarr

Do you want to know who is the ‘winner?’ Go and watch Part 2 on @maggiebakarr’s TikTok.

Source: @maggiebakarr (TikTok)

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