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Chinese Guy Explains What It Is Like To Have Malay Friends

Picture: @ooiliangchia

Malay, Chinese, Indian, and Borneo peeps. We all live happily together in Malaysia. Despite different races and religions, we respect each other because that is what friends are for. More accurately, that is what being human is for.

It is not uncommon to see people being friends with other races in Malaysia. Sometimes, when you walk across the street, you will see a group of friends, two or three people from them are from different races. The situation portrays how diverse our country is.

Just like this Chinese man on TikTok, @ooiliangchia, he befriends Malay people. In the video, he shares what it is like to have Malay-Muslim friends.


Kawan2 saya ni mmg…nnti suruh pakai songkok, pakai kopiah. Diorg dah tak anggap saya ni Cina 🤣🤣

♬ original sound – Chiaaaaaa – Chiaaaaaa

Hanging out with friends may take a few hours. It is not enough to spend time for only one to two hours with each other. Thus, because of that, as Muslims, @ooiliangchia’s friends must visit the mosque to pray before the prayer time is out. Being the only non-Muslim in the group, he needs to wait for his friends outside until they finish with their prayers.

Out of a sudden, after his Malay friends are done with their prayers, they jokingly ‘gift’ him a ‘kopiah.’ He now looks like a Malay! (quoting his friend).

Looking through the comment section, there are quite a few people stating they also have to accompany their Muslim friends pray. Sometimes, they are the ones who remind them to pray.


Picture: @ooiliangchia

People in the comment section also mention that @ooiliangchia’s friends are good people. This is because they still perform their prayers even when hanging out with their friend.


Picture: @ooiliangchia

Source: @ooiliangchia (TikTok)

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