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Malaysia Can Still Qualify For The Final AFF Cup? Even If They Lose Today!

Pictures: TikTok Nasseb Ali, PNGitem

Congratulations to Malaysia for winning 1-0 against Thailand last Saturday. However, it was nerve-wracking gameplay as we didn’t get to repeat our astounding victory against Singapore 4-1. Still, it’s an achievement we applaud the Harimau Malaya squad, as both teams are fierce competitors.

The football fever never dies, and the fire is blazing as fans worldwide will witness another legendary match between Malaysia and Thailand today.

Previously, the match was held in National Stadium Bukit Jalil, with over 62,989 supporters uniting to support the national team. Some might say it was an advantage for Malaysian players since many fans came to the stadium. The victory was ours because of the support from die-hard football fans.


Picture: Facebook Football Association of Malaysia

The team will face Thailand at Thammasat Stadium for tonight’s match. Will Malaysia still get the advantage? Or will Thailand change the trajectory of the game? Is Malaysia going to face Vietnam in the finals?

To answer all these questions, Nasseb Ali (@refereekampung) can feed your curiosity!

Can Malaysia still win even if they lose tonight?

Yes, they can!

Do you know? If Malaysia lost 2-1, 3-2 or 4-3 against Thailand, they can still qualify for the final. How is it possible?

According to Nasseb Ali, Malaysia will still stand on the victory line with an ‘away goal’.

What is the away goal? An away goal is a goal scored away from home that is more heavily weighted than a goal scored at home.

Theoretically, since Malaysia won 1-0 in Bukit Jalil last Saturday, if Thailand won 2-1 against the national team today, the aggregate will be 2-2.

This makes us score more goals in Thailand (1) than Thailand scored in Malaysia (0), which inclines the victory to Harimau Malaya. We can still win according to the away goal system because we have a higher-scoring goal away from home than in Thailand.

But keep in mind that this system is only applicable if the aggregate and goal scores are the same. If we lose 3-1 against Thailand, the opposing team will be the winner.


Cuba korang predict untuk perlawanan Malaysia vs Thai dekat Thai nanti 😌 #affmitsubishielectriccup2022 #FootballTogether #Bolasepak #masvsthai

♬ original sound – Nasseb Ali – Nasseb Ali

We hope the Malaysian team have a clean win for tonight’s match and does not rely on the away goal system. Break a leg!

Sources: TikTok Nasseb Ali, Sports King

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