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Avoid These ‘Pantang Larang’ During CNY So Your ‘ONG’ Won’t Run Away

Pictures: TikTok Low Sok Ying,

To Chinese people, this 22 January will be the start of an exciting celebration, Chinese New Year (CNY)! As the luck-filled festivity continues for 15 days, the pinnacle of it is always the first day!

Of course, the first day of any celebration will be the most awaited. On that day, people will be busy posting #OOTD pictures and eating delicious and traditional dishes available during the festival.


Picture: Time Out

As we know, the Chinese have a rich culture that is still practised today. They hold close the do’s and don’ts during any celebration, and we respect their adherence to every abstinence in their beliefs.

For the upcoming celebration, there are a few ‘pantang larang’ they need to avoid. What are they? Low Sok Ying has you covered!

CNY dos and don’ts you have to know

Don’t wear old clothes

Well, isn’t this fun! During the festivity, they aren’t allowed to recycle their previous attires. They have to wear new clothes during the first few days of CNY. And this isn’t a drill. It’s true (as confirmed by Low).

No wonder shopping malls are flooded with people buying new clothes for the celebration; it’s a rule in their beliefs!

But why? Low says the Chinese regard CNY as a new year, a new beginning. Therefore, they have to wear new clothes!

No house chores for a few days

Contrary to the Malays, Aidilfitri is when family members gather around to make their home look beautiful. Sometimes it is the only time a family can change the curtains or repaint the walls to welcome the auspicious celebration.

However, it’s different from the Chinese! Can you believe it? They can’t do house chores during CNY, especially on the first day!

It’s believed that sweeping chases away the luck from their house. The ‘ong’ comes on the first day. They don’t want their fortune to go to waste. Therefore, let the broom rest for a few days during CNY!

(But they can do it before the festival begins, though.)

Don’t be mad or sad

From what we know, no other celebration forbids crying or being mad. But it’s different from CNY! Interestingly, they’re forbidden to be angry or sad during the festivity. Fascinating!

Don’t go ‘beraya’ empty-handed

In Chinese culture, any visitor has to bring something to the house they’re visiting.

However, when choosing the paper bag, pick only lucky colours like red, orange, yellow or gold!

In the bag, they can put an assortment of items like eight tangerines, two packets of peanuts and one assorted CNY cookie.

Additionally, the Chinese will hand out bak kwa to the visitors. Bak kwa or rougan is a dried sweet and salty meat. But rest assured: they won’t offer to the Muslims, though. They will give the visitors something else, and they must accept! It’s also a part of their tradition.


Replying to @amsya_5 Gong Hei Fat Choy!!!! Fyi, “Bak Kwa” tu 🐖🐖🐖#cny #chinesenewyear

♬ 喜事热闹结婚 – 麦麦音乐

There are many interesting do’s and don’ts that we didn’t know. TIL!

We hope the year of the rabbit will bring luck to everyone! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Source: TikTok Low Sok Ying

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