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All You Have To Know About The Viral Word ‘Gorgon’

Pictures: TikTok, Pinterest

If you’re active on social media, especially TikTok, you’ll definitely know the word ‘Gorgon’. From the videos we see on our FYP, it looks like many people use the “Besarnya Gorgon!” and “Hey Gorgon, sebenarnya kamu ni apa?” audio with animals, especially cats! And more specifically, orange cats!

Not only that, but any humongous animals, they’ll associate this audio with it. Strangely, it’ll always fit! We don’t know why it’ll always makes us laugh.


Keretapi oren 🚂 #hotelkucingmalaysia

♬ bunyi asal – saipu_baharin – saipu_baharin


raksasa gorgon tersakiti #gorgon #malaysia

♬ bunyi asal – saipu_baharin – saipu_baharin

However, are you ever curious about the term? Where it originates, and what’s the meaning behind it?

If you’re curious, let’s learn together!

Everything about Gorgon you have to know

The term roots in Greek mythology, and generally, it describes anything ugly or horrifying. It’s derived from the Greek word gorgos, meaning fierce, terrible and grim.

Interestingly, the famous character, Medusa, is a Gorgon! With the snakes hissing from her hair and that menacing look, she can turn anyone into stone with only a look!

1) They are sisters

Did you know? The Gorgons consist of three ‘monster’ sisters. They are Stheno (the mighty or strong), Euryale (Far Springer) and Medusa (the Queen or Guardian). Why are they the Gorgons? Firstly, their hair is made up of venomous snakes. Secondly, they have golden wings, sharp fangs, scaly skin and long tongues. Not only that, but they’re really powerful!


Picture: Pinterest

2) They’re the daughters of Phorcys and Ceto


Picture: Google

Phorcys is an ancient sea god, and Ceto is a sea goddess. Ceto is known as the mother of sea monsters.

But, um, weirdly, Phorcys and Ceto are brother and sister…

Anyway! They’re a big family with different characteristics and abilities. This includes the Graeae, a trio of elderly sisters who shares one eye and one tooth that they take turns using. There’s also Echidna, a half-woman and half-snake. Finally, Ladon. She’s the dragon who guards the golden apples of the Hesperides and Scylla (a woman with dog-headed loins).

3) Medusa is the most famous Gorgon

We believe everyone recognises Medusa. She’s famous for being the victim of Perseus, a man who removed her head and used it as a weapon to wave at his enemies.


Picture: Pinterest

Although Medusa is proclaimed as powerful, she lost to Perseus. How did the hero defeat her? Perseus used his shield to search for Medusa’s reflection. Once he saw the opportunity, he cut her head right away.

There are many more TMIs about Gorgon. You can read here for more fun facts.

Even though the word is used to depict something scary, it can be used on cute and chonky animals.

So, do you own a Gorgon? Are they fierce and evil? Or do they just want your attention?

Sources: TikTok, The Collector, Theoi

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