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Video) You Won’t Believe! These Malaysian Delicacies Prices Gone Wild Abroad!

Malaysia is known for its diverse culture, various beliefs, and most importantly, food. Food is a very common trait for all Malaysians as we are very passionate about it. Malaysia offers a diverse range of cuisines thanks to its melting pot of cultures. As a result, a list of Malaysian foods to try is sure to be unique. Although certain food are not native to Malaysia, they have found a home there.

Not only that, in Malaysia the food can be bought are at a very reasonable price but did you know that some of the food we have here are sold at a very high rate overseas? Here are 3 food that you definitely don’t want to buy abroad:

@fitriaziz_Pisang goreng ke goreng pisang? 🤔😌 ##thecolossalmalaysia ##tiktokguru ##fabad♬ Into Your Arms (feat. Ava Max) – Witt Lowry

1. Satay- Satay looks to be a little more than slightly burned, skewered beef at first appearance. Good satay, on the other hand, is juicy and flavorful, especially when fanned over a charcoal fire. Satay is excellent with or without the rice cubes and peanut drip and comes in chicken, lamb, and beef varieties. In Malaysia, you can purchase 8 to 10 sticks for RM10 but in German, you need to pay RM40.

2. Bakso- Bakso is an Indonesian meatball made with beef surimi. It has a texture that is comparable to Chinese beef, fish, or pork balls. The term bakso can apply to a single meatball or the entire meatball soup meal. In Malaysia, the price is about RM5 per bowl but in Singapore, it costs about RM15.

3. Pisang Goreng (Banana Fritters)- It’s bananas that have been deep-fried. It’s as simple as that. Golden and crisp, with a banana’s creamy richness in the center. Many a meal and many more diets have been wrecked by pisang goreng. It is super easy to find this delicacy and it cost only RM1 for 4 pieces but in the Netherlands, per piece is RM24.

Source: TikTok Fitri Aziz

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