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These 3 Malaysian Movies Are Inspired By Real-Life Events, Creepy And Unsettling Indeed

Pictures: The Crime Wire, Rollo De Pelicula, IMDb

Art is a form of expressing and retelling stories from different perspectives. Often, movies are inspired by real-life events but with a bit of a twist. It’s a depiction of the story that happens in reality on the big screen. Although some details need to be exempted, many directors try to keep the important details in check.

However, it leaves a bitter note on our tongues, knowing that real crime cases inspire some gruesome and thrilling movies. For example, last year’s controversial hit, Jeffrey Dahmer, a criminal offender that took many innocent lives only to satisfy his fantasies and loneliness, was based on a true story.


Picture: IMDb

In Malaysia, some known movies are taken from actual events. And it’s as eerie as it can get.

Malaysian movies that are based on real-life crime cases

1) Dukun (2018)


Picture: IMDb

Dukun was one of the most anticipated movies in 2018. The hype for this film was intense, with star-studded actors like Datin Sri Umie Aida and Faizal Hussein; everyone was excited to watch this. Interestingly, they shot this movie in 2006 but didn’t get to release it in cinemas until 2018.

However, did you know? Dukun was based on a real crime case between Mona Fandey and a politician, Datuk Mazlan Idris.


Picture: The Crime Wire

The politician wanted more power. Therefore, he sorted help from Mona, a talisman. She asked for RM2.5 million from Datuk Mazlan as the ‘fee’ for her service.

But it gets a chilling overturn when Mona isn’t as ‘kebal’ or bulletproof as she thought. Datuk Mazlan didn’t survive the bloody ritual. Thus, Mona and her assistant, Juraimi, cut the politician’s body into 18 parts.

It has remained one of the most brutal crime cases in Malaysia.

2) Highland Tower (2013)

Next is another Malaysian film from real-life events. Highland Tower is a building complex in Taman Hillview, Ulu Klang, Selangor. Tower Block 1 collapsed from a severe landslide. Heavy rains burst diversion pipes, thus collapsing Block 1. 48 deaths resulted from the tragedy.



Pierre Andre was inspired by the mysterious story behind Highland Tower’s collapse. Therefore, he retold the ‘untold’ stories from the tragedy in the film Highland Tower.


Picture: IMDb

However, this film dived into the horror aspect of the case. Shima (Shima Anuar) wanted to produce a paranormal documentary and chose Highland Tower as the location. And it didn’t go as planned as her whole crew was haunted by the unrested souls there.

3) Penunggu Istana (2011)


Picture: Google

It was said that this movie was legit. A documentary crew named ‘The Seekers’ went to haunted places to investigate paranormal activities and found their end when they visited Istana Billah in Perak.

After receiving many reports of the abandoned castle’s terrifying discoveries, the crew answered the call and began their work for seven days.

Many people were confused if this movie was a real-life documentary or a film because it was shot like a documentary (with interviews and everything). But some suspected it was staged all along.

Sources: The Smart Local, Hauntu

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