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Deceased Model’s Head, Abby Choi, Was Found In A Soup Pot

Abby Choi
Picture: Twitter BFM News, ABC

The truth behind the death of Abby Choi is still uncertain. However, according to sources, it is said that her ex-husband’s family might be the mastermind behind this gruesome killing.

A few days ago, the deceased ex-husband was arrested at a pier while allegedly trying to leave Hong Kong by boat. Also, the socialite’s ex-father-in-law was believed to be the plotter of this tragic killing.

The cause of her death

The 28-year-old victim was said to have a financial dispute involving large sums with her ex-husband’s family. Thus, the fight later broke into a series of inhumane murders.

Heartbreakingly, some of her remains were found in a village house equipped with an electric saw and meat grinder. Also, the police discovered a woman’s limbs inside a refrigerator.

Abby Choi

Picture: ABC

The head of Abby Choi is found today

Further investigations and search movements are enforced to find remnants of Choi’s body. The dismemberment of Choi’s body found in Tai Po has led to another shocking discovery.

Police found a head in a seized soup pot that was believed to belong to Choi. A 6.5 by 5.5 cm hole was found at the right ear near the skull, strengthening the allegation that Choi might be hit by a hard object before her body was cut. The forensic doctor suspected it to be the cause of her death.

Abby Choi

Picture: Must Share News

Superintendent Zhong Yalun of West Kowloon Regional Criminal Headquarters said that the stainless steel soup pot was about half a meter deep and 40 cm in diameter. Eerily, it was full of gel-like solidified liquid.

Minced meat from human tissue was evident in the pot with other usual soup ingredients like carrots and green radishes.

As of today, the hands and torso of Abby Chou haven’t been found yet. However, the police are doing their best to search for the remains.

Until all parts of the dismembered body are found, it’s difficult to make an accurate conclusion to the case. Also, it makes the investigation very difficult.

Sources: The Straits Time Asia,, Twitter BFM News

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