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3 Tips By MOH About How To Communicate with Individuals Who Stutter

Among the community in Malaysia, there is no doubt that some of them have stuttering problems. No matter the children or adults, they certainly have trouble communicating with the public.

Stuttering is a condition in which speech becomes slurred or blocked. Among the causes of stuttering are genetic factors, nerve damage, environment and stress.

Through a partnership by the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) on Facebook, a person who stutters will easily feel ashamed and inferior, avoid talking to people and experience emotional stress or depression.

According to MOH, there are some tips that we can use to help those who stutter especially when communicating with them.

Here are some tips:

1) Listen – Listen to what they want to say without interrupting. Use short sentences at medium speed if you want to ask them.

2) Be patient – Avoid telling them to speak slowly because it can cause stuttering to get worse. Respond after they have finished speaking.

3) Support – Help them get early screening and treatment. Give constant praise and encouragement.

Source: MOH

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