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Guide On How To Remove A Splinter In Your Skin!

Picture: Live Science

Have you been hurt by something so small but hurts so bad? We understand. Having a splinter in your skin is no joke, let alone having more than one! This usually happens when you touch or carry something that is made out of wood.

For instance, you carry a wooden table, and suddenly you get a splinter in your finger. Another example is when you touch a rose. Even though it is beautiful, it might hurt you as it is filled with thorns.

So, what to do if you get a splinter in your skin, whether in your fingers, palms, or any part of your body?

According to @DrSamhan, you should follow the correct guide on how to move a splinter to avoid bacterial infection.

The steps are easy:

1) Clean the area where you get the splinter using soap and lukewarm water.

2) Use a tweezer to remove the splinter. Pull it out vertically following how it gets into the skin. Make sure to be careful to not break it.

3) After you have managed to get it out, press the area of your skin to remove the blood and dirt.

4) Dry clean the blood and cover it with a bandage.


Picture: Banner Health

Reminder: If you are not able to remove it because it is way too deep in your skin, you have to meet a doctor. The doctor will take care of it.

Source: @DrSamhan (Twitter)

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