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Too Expensive? Here’s How To Book Cheaper Flight Tickets

flight tickets
Pictures: Mockup Hunt, Traveloka

To anyone who loves travelling overseas, one of their concerns is the flight tickets. As the currency for every country differs from Malaysia, the cost might be more expensive in different destinations. Therefore, it can be a bit of a headache (or a lot), more so if you fear going over budget

However, don’t make this an excuse for you to stop planning your next trip. There are some effective ways to travel overseas and save a ton on flight tickets shared by Cultura (@culturamy_) on Twitter!

Get cheaper flight tickets this way

1) Book on Tuesday and Wednesday

flight tickets

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Did you know? Tuesday and Wednesday are the best days to book flight tickets. But why? It’s because many airline companies set the booking system on Tuesday at 7 pm. 

Airline companies are aware that many customers will book tickets for the weekend. And according to statistics, many books the tickets on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Thus, the ticket will be cheaper if you book on weekdays.

Additionally, airports aren’t as busy these days. Therefore, it’s more comfortable for you to travel. 

2) Book early, but not too early

Based on Cultura’s experience, you have to book the tickets at least 21 days earlier than the expected date. Many airline companies have set the number of tickets sold in their system. Hence, cheap tickets are in their system’s quota.

For example, only 20 tickets will be sold for a cheaper price for the KL-London flight, while other passengers might purchase more expensive tickets. 

3) The best deal for international flight

flight tickets

Picture: Pinterest

Sometimes, airline companies offer a ‘Best Deal’ promotion 11 to 12 weeks early for an international flight. Hence, this is your chance to grab them!

4) Pick a ‘smaller’ airport for landing

You can pick to land at a smaller airport and not the main airport. For instance, if your destination is London, pick another airport close to Heathrow. 

5) Delete cookies

Delete all cookies on your laptop, phone and PC after visiting the airline’s website 30 days before.

Through these cookies, their system speculates you’re visiting the website multiple times. Thus, they will set a fixed price, although you’ve refreshed or visited the website frequently.

6) Compare prices

flight tickets

Picture: The Poor Traveler

It’s the easiest way to find the cheapest ticket prices. There are many websites you can choose from, offering different rates. Thus, don’t be lazy to search and compare.

These are some of Cultura’s search engines that they use for travelling:

  • Skyscanner
  • CheapFlight
  • Momondo
  • Kayak
  • Google Flight
  • Ita Software

We hope you’ll get the best ticket price for your next trip. Happy travelling!

Source: Twitter Cultura

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