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“I’m So Embarrassed…” This Is How Content-Making Can Go Wrong

Pictures: TikTok @gurangak94

Content creators are the best. They fill our timelines with creative and out-of-this-world content that makes us laugh, smile or cry. When you’re waiting for the LRT or stuck in traffic, these entertaining videos will make the long wait more bearable.

It takes guts to be a content creator. Not everyone is brave enough to be in front of the camera. It’s like showing a part of yourself to the world, and some might not like the idea of revealing their daily lives to strangers. However, to those who enjoy being in the spotlight, it’s not weird if they like recording and being recorded.

But content-making can be a bit embarrassing sometimes, especially if someone catches you in the act!

Content-making went wrong

@gurangak94 on TikTok has been posting many videos that Malaysians can relate to. His contents are entertaining and also motivating at times. Perhaps, as a student in one of the universities in Malaysia, he recorded his everyday life and share some of his experiences on the social media platform.

However, he wasn’t ready to be caught red-handed!

Gurangak was trying to create another video for his page. As he was recording, he went close to his neighbour’s doorstep. No one knew the neighbour would open the door!

Awkwardly, he started asking his neighbour ‘stupid’ questions because he didn’t want to get into trouble.

After a while, the neighbour said he recognised Gurangak as a content creator. Abashed, he immediately admitted that he was recording a video now. Afterwards, he immediately left the scene and said, “I’m so embarrassed!”


SubhanaAllah 😭 dugaan jadi content creator demi nak happykan followers dengan video dubadubadu..dah bertahun skodeng jiran baru hari ni terjadi.. kena tgok sampai habis 😭

♬ original sound – Gurangak🇲🇾🇮🇩 – Gurangak🇲🇾🇮🇩

Gurangak’s video, this time, made everyone laugh out loud!


Picture: TikTok @gurangak94


Picture: TikTok @gurangak94

We appreciate the dedication every content creator has in making their videos. And it’s okay if you’re busted once in a while. That’s another piece of content for your page!

Source: TikTok @gurangak94

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