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No Teaching And Learning In The First Week Of School? Let’s Get Into Why Ice-Breaking Is Important For Us


Have you realized that once we step into a new place, we need to do the activity of ‘ice-breaking?’ Well, not all new places implement this activity, but in several places, yes! 

For instance, most universities in Malaysia will have a program of ‘Orientation Week’ for new students. This programme is like an ‘ice-breaking’ for the students to get to know each other, aside from getting adapted to a new place. Some high schools have the same programme too!

Recently, Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia (KPM) introduced a programme for the first week of school in Malaysia. After 34 years, teachers do not need to start teaching for the first week of school after the holiday. 

The week will be full of activities that will help students and teachers to be prepared mentally and socioemotionally for the upcoming lessons.

Thus, less stress for the teachers and students.


Picture: BERNAMA

It is like ice-breaking, and read below to know why it is so important:

1) Relationship improvement

  • People get to strengthen their relationships with the people they are working with.
  • For instance, if we are talking about the program by KPM, students will get to know closely their teachers and friends.

2) Lively Atmosphere

  • When doing activities, especially if the activities require teamwork, people will get a chance to interact with each other.
  • Thus, it will create a lively atmosphere, sharing your thoughts and listen to other people’s opinions.

3) Productivity Boost

  • By doing a lot of activities, productivity will boost as well!
  • It helps to feel motivated!

What are other benefits that we can get from the activity?

Source: Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia (KPM), eTeamBuilding, Steemit

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