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True Friends Are There When Needed, Even When They ‘Tak Function’

Pictures: Twitter @kimmohito

You can have as many friends as you want. However, not all of them are there when you’re in need. For example, if you’re having financial problems, not everyone is willing to lend you their money. Perhaps, only true friends will help you as best they can without hoping for anything in return.

We believe that’s the beauty of friendship. People come into our lives for a reason and will leave with a purpose too. So, it’s okay if you don’t have many friends. As long as they’re genuine to you, that’s what matters.


Picture: Inc. Magazine

Just like this man, kimmohito (@kimmohito), on Twitter, we think he has a bunch of friends that can be categorised as ‘sahabat’.

He had an emergency last night. His car’s battery was weak and needed the jumper. Sadly, he didn’t bring them. He found it weird because he always brought the jumper wherever he went. This showed that challenges could happen anytime, especially when you weren’t prepared for them.

Afterwards, he called his friend for help. When his friend came, he didn’t bring the jumper with him. Actually, he didn’t have a jumper!

So, kimmohito called his other friends, but none of them brought the jumper when they came to meet him.

Lastly, kimmohito’s friend called bateriku, a company that provides services for a car. Luckily, he managed to solve the problem with the help of bateriku.

It’s heartwarming to see their friendship. Although they weren’t much help that night, kimmohito was still thankful because they came right away after he called them.

Do you have friends like this too?

Source: Twitter @kimmohito

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