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“And The Oscar Goes To…” This Malaysian Version Of The Academy Awards Gets A Cliffhanger

Academy Awards
Pictures: Twitter Rico Rinaldi, PNGitem

So many things happened during the 95th Academy Awards (Oscar) last Monday. Some rejoice in the victory of Malaysia-born actress Michelle Yeoh, while others question the relevance of being so happy for her achievements.

But we’re not here to talk about that. The panels sure knew what they were doing when they chose the winners. So, let bygones be bygones.

However, we do want to talk about this Oscar parody acted by Rico Rinaldi. We can say it captured the essence of last Monday’s award show!

Who wins the Academy Awards?

Rico acted out four nominees for the Best Actress in the Film category. Firstly, we would like to say the scarves each nominee is wearing are spot-on!

The video showed four actresses in the same frame, and it’s similar to when the cameraman panned to the nominees before the winner’s announcement. Every nominee is smiling and nervous to know the result.

Some of the nominees for the Academy Awards are Sabariah Buyong (I Know What You Did Last Raya), Kamariah Saad (Mami Jarum The Movie), Siti Kundur (Projek High Kancil 2), and Micheal Teoh (Mariah Marianna). Wow! These are all A-list actresses in the industry!

But there’s a cliffhanger! The video ended after the nominees were announced! Who’s the winner?

Everyone is waiting for the announcement, Rico! Don’t keep us hanging!


Picture: Twitter Rico Rinaldi

Who do you think the Oscar goes to?

(We think it’s going to be a fierce fight between Siti Kundur and Micheal Teoh!)

Source: Twitter Rico Rinaldi

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