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Why Is Everyone Talking About Bulan Bintang? Let’s Get To Know The Founder

Picture: meripergibulat (Instagram) & Bulan Bintang Kuala Selangor

Recently, many people are mentioning Bulan Bintang on their social media. What is that? For those who do not know, Bulan Bintang is a local brand that produces kurta, baju melayu, and baju kurung!

Each time Raya or Eid Fitri is nearing, people will search for the best baju for their families, and Bulan Bintang is one of their choices. This year is the 8th year of the brand’s journey in the business and fashion world.

Who is the founder of Bulan Bintang?


Picture: meripergibulat (Instagram)

His name is Azzim Zahid Azmi, and he is only in his 20s. People call him ‘Meri.’ His love for business started at a young age, which was during high school. Before baju melayu, baju kurung, and kurta, he sold and designed T-shirts. Despite being busy as a student at Sekolah Berasrama Penuh Integrasi Gombak (SBPI Gombak), he never gave up on flourishing his small business.

In Meri’s university days, he continued doing business. Of course, achieving a dream is never easy. He has gone through ups and downs in doing business. Nevertheless, because he aspired to see success, he went for it! At the same time, he also graduated with a Bachelor of Mass Communication from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

Now, his brand, Bulan Bintang is known by Malaysians. For the first time in 8 years, it successfully held a merry fashion show. Proudly, the brand is also the first local brand to hold a drone light show in Malaysia and broke the Malaysian Book Of Records for The Most Drones Used In A Light Show.

Meri’s expressed his gratitude on Instagram:


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by orang panggil meri (@meripergibulat)

Sources: @meripergibulat (Twitter), meripergibulat (Instagram), IIUM Today

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