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Some People Don’t Want To Have People Coming Over To Their House Because Of This Reason…

Picture: @shadaus3

Do you like it when people come over to your house? If you are living alone, having guests at times may be great. You can talk with them, spend quality time, have fun, and more! It is not every day that you can have this golden chance.

However, some people ‘dislike’ having guests at their homes. They like it more when they are by themselves or with people who are already occupying the same house.

According to @shadaus3, she is one of those people. She ‘dislikes’ it when people come over to her house, especially her siblings.

In the video she shared, after sending her siblings to the car, she starts to clean up the ‘mess’ made by her siblings. After that, she arranges the decorations and puts them in their original places. Then, she switches off some lights and leaves only a few on.

Seems a little mean at first, right? How can someone hates it when their siblings come over?

Well, wait until you reach the end of the video…


Macam tu dak ampa, kalau adik beradik mai umah🥺

♬ Tertawan Hati – Awdella

She dislikes having people come over to her house because each time they leave, what is left? Only herself…

We understand this feeling, and we bet everyone else can relate too.


Picture: @shadaus3

You will have the feeling of emptiness after someone close to you leaves. It is hard to explain the feeling, but you feel kind of melancholic. Out of a sudden, you feel lonely.

Nevertheless, we understand it too if people do not find it great having guests at their house. It is a lot of work.

Source: @shadaus3 (TikTok)

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