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(Video) Teen Spotted A Creepy Face In The Window Of An Abandoned Mansion

A TikTok user shared a video where her mother, who stumbled across an incredible abandoned mansion on a hike filmed a video but failed to notice a ghostly face staring back at her from one of the windows.

The woman, filmed as she walked around the “great old house” while giving commentary to her daughter Rebecca to provide a bit of background. But Rebecca, the daughter, was distracted by a detail her mother had missed and uploaded the footage to TikTok. She wrote, “My mom sent me this video of a mansion she found on a hike and I just noticed a FACE in the window.”

The mother was told that it was the ‘Murphy house’, she said, “I don’t think they’ve lived here for a while because it looks pretty deserted.

“It must have been gorgeous in its day. I could just imagine walking around here in some fancy dress. It’s just amazing, it’s just beautiful,” she added.

She was seemingly not aware of what looks like to be a child’s face staring outside towards her out of an upstairs window. The footage has been viewed almost two million times on the app and leaving others freaked out.

Thankfully, there’s someone offered an explanation, saying that she knew the house and that is a doll’s head that was kept in the window to keep tourists away.

Source: Mirror, YouTube, TikTok

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