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Building A Luxurious House For A Random Frog On The Fence, Oh Yes!

Pictures: TikTok @unknowndazza, Pinterest

We know some of you might be afraid of frogs. Or maybe you find them gross. Honestly, we don’t hate them. But we dislike them, especially the katak terbang (flying frog). However, this video we saw on Twitter was too silly/good to ignore.

@Brieyonce shared a video retrieved from TikTok by @unknowndazza. What’s the video about?

Dazza saw a random frog hanging out on his fence. Other people would’ve ignored the small creature. But this person’s brain works differently. Instead of letting the frog go, he made a house for it!

A luxurious house for the frog

Firstly, Dazza went with a simple design. It looked like a tent with sturdy walls and a roof.


Picture: TikTok @unknowndazza

The frog wasn’t fond of the house initially. However, after a week, the frog started hanging out in its house, and it was all good.

Dazza thought the house was already a success, but people on TikTok thought differently. Therefore, House Level 2 was born!

He discarded the walls, added a patio, increased the ‘ribbit’ amplification and introduced additional arm comfort. All features would cater to Frodrick’s (the frog’s name) needs. After he printed the model using the 3D printer, Dazza installed the highly-improved house, replacing the shabby level one house before.


Picture: TikTok @unknowndazza

Netizens kept asking for a renovation

If the initial idea of building a house for a frog wasn’t crazy enough, the netizen’s suggestion was crazier.

They suggested a pool! Let’s be honest: are they building their dream house instead of Frodrick’s?

Therefore, Dazza provided a pool with plants and an infinity-edge waterfall. Frod and his friends could chill in the pool while stargazing. How cool!

An intruder up-scaled Frod’s already luxurious house

A possum was caught on camera sniffing and ‘invading’ Frod’s privacy. Concerned, Dazza built an emergency for the frog to escape. Yet, the possum only wanted a sip of ‘frog tea’!

The presence of the possum named King Julian and Queen Julia inspired Dazza to build a bug light (courtesy to the netizen). He ended with a spaceship-like design for the bug light. Honestly, it couldn’t get cooler than this!


Picture: TikTok @unknowndazza

When Dazza added a pond, more tadpoles were born. Thus, he installed a tadpole ramp for them. They turned into frog babies fast!

Lastly, Dazza builds a level three house for the frogs since many ‘Frods’ are on his fence now.

What do you think of Dazza’s luxurious frog house?

Sources: Twitter @Brieyonce, TikTok @unknowndazza

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