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A Group Of Gen Z Uses ‘Bedak Sejuk’ On Their Faces For The First Time

bedak sejuk
Pictures: TikTok @shafiqalsukri

There are many things that the older generation is still practising until now. Not only that, but they also abide by the ‘pantang larang’ quite obediently, despite already being in the modern generation. Perhaps, it’s one of the teachings by their parents that is closely related to them. It’s difficult to discard the norms they’ve been doing for years. 

However, some of these traditional petuas are beneficial for us, especially for our health. They won’t do it for generations if it doesn’t benefit them, yes?

One of it is wearing bedak sejuk or bedak nyonya. For those who don’t know, this type of talcum powder looks like teardrops. You have to mix in water before applying it to your skin.

bedak sejuk

Picture: SisRasa

Usually, bedak sejuk is in clear plastic bags or bottles. But bedak nyonya, an upgraded version of the talcum powder, comes in fancy small boxes with a picture of a woman in front of it. And you don’t have to mix the powder with water. Easy!

bedak sejuk

Picture: Manis Madu

Not many people from Gen Z know of its existence. Thus, we’re happy to stumble upon this video. It looks like these young students know a thing or two about the legendary powder!


Membalas kepada @Mr avocadoooo disebabkan depa generasi zaman sekrang yang tak pernah pakai bedak sejukkk.. kita bagi sorang sikit merasa zaman tok nenek kitaaa…tebai nak mampus😂 sampai face id pun tak leh nak kesan… kalau tepuk muka ni berdebu kuala kangsar😂😂😂 bila dah kering aku teringat cerita Zombie kampung pisang😂😂😂😂

♬ Generasiku – AMP

In the video shared by Shafiqalsukri, they took turns applying the talcum powder to their faces. From what we saw, that’s how our grandmothers applied to our faces when we were little!

Funnily, netizens in the comment section focus more on the hands of the person than the bedak sejuk. Okay, guys. That’s completely normal…

bedak sejuk

Picture: TikTok @shafiqalsukri

bedak sejuk

Picture: TikTok @shafiqalsukri

What are the benefits of bedak sejuk?

According to Hello Doktor, the benefits of this traditional talcum powder are:

  • Refreshes the skin.
    • Bedak sejuk is cooling in nature. Thus, when you apply it to your face, you’ll feel refreshed.
  • Moisten the skin.
    • For those with dry or sensitive skin, bedak sejuk can moisten and smoothen your skin.
  • Whitens the skin.
    • We have someone we know who uses bedak sejuk to whiten their skin. It works! Although it takes some time (and you have to use it diligently), it’s one of the cheaper solutions to get bright and white skin.
  • Helps fight acne.
  • Keeps your face elastic and glowing.
  • Gets rid of dead cells.

We hope the younger generation will try this bedak sejuk once in their lifetime. You won’t regret it!

Sources: TikTok @shafiqalsukri, Hello Doktor

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