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“Alamak! Gigi Terkeluar!” A ‘Gangster’ Made People Laugh Instead Of Scaring Them

Pictures: TikTok @lawak_spontan, PNGWing

A gangster is typically someone that exerts violence on other people once they invade their ‘territory’. We don’t know much about gangsters, honestly, but we can grasp the essence of gangsterism from movies like KL Gangster, directed by Syamsul Yusof.

No one wants to deal with these gangsters. You don’t know what they’ll do to you and your family. For example, if you don’t meet their expectations or pay the lease according to the agreement, you won’t see the living daylights anymore. Therefore, it’s best not to involve in any form of gangsterism. To think about it, gangsterism is like bullying too.


Picture: MUBI

We regard those movies with gangster and violent themes as a way to educate Malaysians not to be like them. Although it’s a negative thing, it doesn’t mean we can’t learn from it. In fact, there are many things we can think about after watching films like those.

Of course, when we talk about movies, some people will create parodies out of them. Usually, parodies of famous films will be hilarious but keep the storyline.

Just like this video, we saw on TikTok. It might be one of the best KL Gangster remakes ever!

A gangster tries to intimidate people, but with a funny twist

A video shared by @lawak_spontan had us laughing aloud. There’s a man in a red and black jacket came to the stall. He suddenly kicked the chair and shouted at someone.

Everyone was scared for a second, only to be laughing when the gangster’s teeth came out!

Oh, no! It looked like he forgot to apply Polident on his teeth!


Gengster subang #fyp #viraltiktok #viraltrend #tiktokmalaysia #tiktokindonesia #tiktokthailand🇹🇭

♬ original sound – Lawak_spontan

We’re not the only ones who LOL-ed watching this because everyone in the comment section is too!


Picture: TikTok @lawak_spontan


Picture: TikTok @lawak_spontan

Today, we get another life lesson: always be prepared for the worst (in this case, check your teeth before going out…)

Source: TikTok @lawak_spontan

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