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Let’s Avoid Wasting Food During The Holy Month Of Ramadhan

Pictures: BERNAMA & @dr_chaku

In less than a week, we will be welcomed with the holy month of Ramadhan. Most restaurants will pause their operation during the daylight and open when it is almost time for iftar. Aside from that, people will also crowd the bazaars to buy food to fill their stomachs after hours of not eating.

Nevertheless, with bazaars opening and restaurants opening, food waste is increasing. No, it is not wrong to sell food and it is not wrong to buy food. However, one must make sure to avoid wasting food during the holy Ramadhan.

On Twitter, shared by @dr_chaku, here are some of the ways to avoid food waste:

1) Menu planning

  • Plan the daily meal for sahur and iftar. 
  • Only spend on the most important meal.

2) Simplicity is a blessing

  • Prioritize healthy meals than expensive meals.

3) Know the right way to store food

  • Make sure your refrigerator is in a good condition.
  • Store your food in air-tight containers.
  • Use food leftovers as different meals.

4) Sadaqah

  • When doing a sadaqah with food, make sure to estimate how many people you want to give the food to. 

5) Composing food

  • Consider composing leftovers if the food is suitable so.
  • Doing this can help improve the soil quality and grow crops.

Source: @dr_chaku (Twitter)

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