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The Best Checklist To Add More Barakah To Your Ramadhan

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The month of barakah is just around the corner. We’re about to welcome the holy Ramadhan again this year next Thursday (Insyaallah)! You know it’s that time of the year when ads like Yusuf Taiyob and questions like “Hari ni nak berbuka apa?” are everywhere. 

There are so many exciting things to do in those 30 days of fasting. You can prepare dishes for your family, clean the house for Eid, or watch tons of cooking programs on TV (but don’t be tempted!)


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However, the best thing to do in Ramadhan is to enrich your soul with many ibadahs. It’s the month when our prayers will be listened to without restrictions, as long as we’re genuine with the things we do and pray. That’s why many people are excited to welcome Ramadhan. It’s a month of blessings and prosperity for devoted Muslims!

How to do so? Faiz (@fzzzan) shared a checklist created by a Malaysian preacher, Dato’ Ustaz Shamsuri Ahmad, for us to follow.

Ramadhan checklist to make it more barakah

1) Wake up for suhoor because there are Allah’s blessings.

2) Before suhoor, it’s best to perform Tahajud.

3) When it’s already subuh, don’t forget to qabliyyah subuh first (perform a sunat prayer before the subuh prayer).

4) Do the subuh prayer congregately (berjemaah).

5) After subuh, read four pages of the Quran.

6) Perform Dhuha prayer at least two rakat.

7) Qabliyyah Zohor with four rakat.

8) Zohor prayer congregate.

9) Ba’diyyah Zohor four rakat.

10) Read four pages of the Quran.

11) Before Asar, perform qabliyyah Asar beforehand.

12) Asar prayer congregate.

13) Read eight pages of the Quran.

14) Ensure to break your fast on time. In Islam, the faster you break your fast, the better. 

15) Maghrib prayer congregate.

16) Ba’diyyah Maghrib.

17) Isya’ prayer congregate.

18) Ba’diyyah Isya’ two rakat.

19) Perform Tarawikh prayer. The number of rakat doesn’t matter (range from eight to 20 or more). What matters is your honesty in performing them.

20) Read four pages of the Quran.

Also, don’t forget to:

  • Perform Witir (three rakat or more).
  • Avoid doing the makruh things that would disrupt your fast.
  • Donate every day consistently.

Ramadhan is a chance of a lifetime to strengthen our faith and erase our sins. Let’s practice this checklist. Perhaps, we’ll get blessings from God and live a life full of barakah, Aamiin

Source: Twitter Faiz (@fzzzan)

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