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Ramadhan Is A Holy Month, Let’s Make The Most Of It!

Picture: BBC

It is always exciting to welcome the holy month of Ramadhan. It is only for a month. Thus, as Muslims, we should make the most of it. It is a blessing to get the chance to enjoy Ramadhan before we welcome the month of Syawal. 

During this month, the ticket for ‘pahala’ or reward is easy to be grabbed. Just be nice, and avoid doing bad things.

Here are some of the things you can do during the holy month of Ramadhan:

1) Perform your daily prayers on time


Picture: SeekersGuidance

  • Before this, we might not get a chance to pray on time due to our busy schedules. But praying before the time runs out is good enough.
  • Nevertheless, how about we try to pray on time during Ramadhan? We are always encouraged to pray early when the prayer times come.
  • Furthermore, let’s grab the chance to pray the sunnah prayers like tahajjud, witir, tarawih, taubah, hajat, and more! You will be amazed at how these sunnah prayers will change your life.

2) Tadarus or recite the Quran together


Picture: Imam – US

During the month, spend your time reading the Quran.

  • Do it individually, or you can have a tadarus together with your family and friends!
  • By doing this, you not only get a reward, but you are strengthening the relationship between you and your companions.

3) Sadaqah


Picture: Islamic Relief

  • People do charity every day.
  • It is good to continue more charity during this holy month.
  • Charity does not only mean giving money. You can share food, help your family or friends, do community work, and more!

Above are three sunnah things you can do during Ramadhan. There is more to do! Most importantly, restrain yourself from eating and drinking before the time comes. It is wajib!

Source: Zamzam

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