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We Are Loving The Bond Between Fikry Ibrahim And His Mother

Picture: @afikryaibrahim

Fikry Ibrahim is an actor who likes to make funny content and upload it on his TikTok account. People are loving his content! Interestingly, they like it more if he includes his mother in the videos. The strong bond between the son and mother is beautiful!

Before this, we shared with you a video where Fikry’s mother is shy to kiss him on the cheeks. But not for him. He is not embarrassed to kiss his mother multiple times, and it makes his mother blushes. Read here if you have missed it.

Recently, there is another video uploaded by the actor. This time, he is hosting a ‘show’ where the contestant (mother) will get money if she answers it correctly.


Mak Cik Nak Jadi Kaya

♬ original sound – Fikry Ibrahim Feeks – Fikry Ibrahim Feeks

Fikry Ibrahim, as the host, announces the show as ‘Makcik Nak Jadi Kaya’! Before he can even start his question, his mother is seen laughing. Of course, we know that Fikry is a funny guy, and that is why.

The first question is very easy and asks the name of the host. Oh boy, Fikry will be so sad if his mother gets the answer wrong. Nevertheless, she is a mother, and of course, she knows the answer to the question. Ching-ching, money for her!

The second question asks about the age of the host. When it comes to age, sometimes, it is confusing. Luckily, she also gets the answer right! Money for her again!

We love to see more of the bond between the actor and his mother. People are loving it:


Picture: @afikryaibrahim

Source: @afikryaibrahim (TikTok)

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