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Our Eyes Are ‘Sweaty’ Watching This Reunion Of A Son And His Parents

Picture: @najmirsni

We often use the word ‘sweaty’ to describe bodies or maybe, clothes. For instance, the sun is scorching hot at the moment. Thus, you will have a sweaty body from the heat. Aside from that, you describe clothes as well, to say that they are wet from your sweat.

Nevertheless, Malaysians being Malaysians, we use the word to describe ‘crying’ even though it is ungrammatically correct. But even so, it’s creative.

Now, we will show you a video that will surely make your eyes ‘sweat.’


Hidup perantauan berjauhan dengan family ✈️ 3 tahun tak balik .. Rindu Mama&Abah ❤️#tiktok #fyp #fypシ゚viral

♬ original sound – najmirosni

How are your eyes after watching the video? Are they ‘sweaty?’

It is known from the caption of the video, @najmirsni has not seen his parents for three years. He lives abroad. To surprise his parents for their 31st wedding anniversary, he disguises as a delivery man. He brings a basket of fruits, chocolates, and balloons as a gift from their son (read: him). His face is covered so his parents will not notice him.

It seems like the first step is done. @najmirsni successfully gives the gift to his parents. Luckily, they do not notice a thing about him. Next, he reads a message written on a card and asks if the parents have anything to say to their son.

They thank him, and as parents, who would not want to meet their child?

“We love you, and please hurry back. We miss you.”

It is at this part that everything changes. @najmirsni takes off his helmet and sunglasses, and his mother is shocked. She wails for her dear son, who she has not seen for three years.

They then hug each other and do not want to let go. Ah, what a heartwarming reunion!


Picture: @najmirsni

Source: @najmirsni (TikTok)

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