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The Joke Of Pulling Away Someone’s Chair When They Want To Sit Is Not Funny!

Picture: Sensory Lifestyle

It is not fun not to joke around with your friends when meeting each other. Well, there is no harm in joking around, does it? The truth is that some jokes are harmless, and some can cause pain mentally or physically.

Remember when you are in secondary or high school? Maybe this still happens now, even not as students anymore. People love to joke around when someone wants to sit on their chair. Without the person realizing it, his or her chair is pulled away. Thus, what happens? The person will fall onto the floor.

Then, the people who watch the incident happens will laugh as it is funny.

Read this: There is nothing funny about pulling away someone’s chair when they want to sit.

First, they will feel embarrassed, of course. Aside from that, what they get is pain!

According to @dr_chaku on Twitter, the accident can cause serious injuries such as:

  • numbness
  • paralysation
  • loss of control of urination and defecation
  • neuropathic pain

Normally, the injuries are temporary, but in some cases, they can remain. If that happens, more serious complications will occur.

Thus, let’s stop this joke from happening again! Let’s make the world a better place!

Source: @dr_chaku (Twitter)

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