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Motorcyclist Captured Doing A ‘Wheelie,’ But Falls Shortly Afterwards

Picture: @m_riyazudin

Remember when you are young, and everyone wants to know how to do a wheelie on their bicycles? Yup, that action is seen as ‘cool’ by some people. Aside from doing it with a bicycle, a wheelie can be done when riding a motorcycle. However, we do not recommend you to do it.

In fact, that action is considered a crime in our country. Maybe, most countries have the same rule too. Doing a ‘wheelie’ is not just dangerous to the rider but also to other people as well.

Nevertheless, some people still do it. What for? We are unsure. But know this folks: When the police catch you doing it, you are done.

In a video shared by @m_riyazudin on TikTok, he captures a motorcyclist doing a wheelie.


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He is on a busy road filled with cars and motorcycles. All seems fine until he loses his balance and falls to the side of the road.

Ouch, that hurts! Double the hurt! He must have been suffering from the pain of falling, and embarrassment. Well, you know what people say, “Your actions have consequences.”

There are reasons things are illegal in one’s country, and the video above shows one of them. Doing a wheelie can harm you. If it is not you, it can harm other people.

We hope the motorcyclist learns his lesson.

Source: @m_riyazudin (TikTok)

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