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Motorcyclists Help Stranded Porsche Out Of Fuel At A Highway!

Picture: @fahmi_ahmaddd

It does not take much to be kind. In a video uploaded by @fahmi_ahmaddd, several motorcyclists teamed up to help a man whose car got stranded on the highway. His car, a Porsche GT3 RS, was out of fuel that it could not continue its journey.

According to the caption stated in the video, the motorcyclists were on their way home from Hat Yai when they encountered the Porsche. They then found out that the car was out of fuel. The owner of the Porsche is a Chinese man, and he had his partner in the car too.


Kadang2 Allah hadirkan seseorang itu bersebab😬 . Jangan berhenti buat baik😆 #chinesenewyear2023 #porschegt3rs #meanmachine #mxmachine

♬ Semoga Engkau Bahagia – Ziell Ferdian

Being good citizens they are, the motorcyclists decided to help the man and his partner. Luckily, one of the motorcyclists brought along a bottle of fuel, and there was a little fuel left in it. In hopes that the fuel could bring the car back to life, the motorcyclist gave the Porsche owner the fuel.

However, the fuel was not enough to start the car. But no, it was not the end! The motorcyclists gathered some fuel from each of their own motorcycles and filled the Porche. Thankfully, the Porche was brought back to life.

It could be seen from the video, the happy faces of the heroes who have helped the man and his partner.

Other people also praised the uncapped heroes for their good deeds. Even though they might need the fuel sooner or later, they still gave some to the Porsche owner to help him.


Picture: @fahmi_ahmaddd

He also stated that we encounter people for a reason. Their reason that night was to help the man.


Source: @fahmi_ahmaddd (TikTok)

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