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Involved In Accident, Man Found Alive After 6 Days Lying On A Roadside

Picture: The Thaiger

A man went missing for 6 days until he was found lying on the roadside. The man, Withawat Nanthapetch, was last seen by his friends on December 29 after going to a bar to get some drinks. The 22-year-old man was captured by the security camera walking out of the bar, but he then mysteriously vanished.

The process of searching for Withawat began. However, the sign of him was unseen even until the fourth day of the search. His companion tried many things to trace him including posting about his missing on social media.

Even though Withawat’s family believed that he was dead, the process of searching for him continued. They wanted to bring him back so they could have a proper funeral.

On the sixth day of the search, Withawat’s uncle found his nephew’s motorcycle on the roadside of Udon-Nong Bua Lamphu Road. He then spotted Withawat lying in the messy grass. He believed that his nephew was dead from a motorcycle accident.

The rescue team rushed to the scene and the body was sent home. Shockingly, when the police were checking on him, they were shocked to find out that he was in fact still alive.

The family was thankful to be reunited with the lost Withawat. His mother described their reunion as the ‘best new year give’ to a mother.

Sources: The Thaiger

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