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Extra Security To Your House, Try This ‘Doorbell With Camera’ From Shopee

Nowadays, installing an extra security system in your own house means protecting your home and also valuables. It also means keeping your family safe from a lot of potential threats and dangers. This is because, a great home security system could protect property and those inside it from burglary, home intrusion, and other environmental disasters.

There are actually so many security systems in Malaysia that could be installed in your house easily. The prices for each of the security systems also range from very expensive products to affordable devices that could function just as well as others. Recently, there is a particular security system that went viral and you could just buy it from Shopee.

Picture: Shopee

This is a WIFI-connected doorbell that can be placed outside your house, preferably near the gate of the house. It is waterproof, so you do not have to be worried even it is rain outside. This smart video doorbell also is equipped with a 720P camera and also intercom. With these added wireless technologies, you could just see what’s happening outside of your house through the doorbell and you could also respond towards the visitors just by using this great doorbell.

Shopee Link: Wireless Doorbell With Camera And Intercom

Price: RM140.49

Sources: Shopee.

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