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Chef Anis Nabilah’s ‘a Journey Through Melbourne, Victoria’ Digital Series


Nestled in the southeastern corner of Australia, Melbourne is famed for its vibrant street art, cozy cafes, and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee that seems to waft from every corner. This is where the morning is greeted with what might just be the world’s most raved-about brunch scene, offering everything from the avant-garde to the comforting staples that locals swear by. 

Melbourne is also the gateway to some of Australia’s most iconic natural wonders—the scenic coastal vistas along the Great Ocean Road, the enchanting Penguin Parade at Phillip Island, and the untouched natural beauty of Wilsons Promontory, to name a few. Each landmark tells a part of the story of the region that is Victoria: a tale of breathtaking landscapes, rich history, and a vibrant cultural dynamic that makes this region truly uMelbournenique.


Yet, what sets Victoria apart is not just its stunning scenery or its cosmopolitan capital, but how it celebrates diversity through food and drink. Victoria is a melting pot of cultures and cuisines, where visitors are spoilt for choice, from the sophisticated dining rooms of Melbourne to the rustic charm of breweries in the Yarra Valley. 

This is a place where every meal is a journey, every dish a narrative of the local produce and the people who craft it with love. Here, food is a celebration – an art form that brings people together and tells the story of Victoria’s rich, multicultural heritage.

Malaysia’s most loved celebrity Chef Anis Nabilah recently announced the launch of A Journey Through Melbourne, Victoria, her new digital series that will take viewers on an unparalleled culinary expedition. Supported by Visit Victoria and Malaysia Airlines, this series explores the heart of Victoria’s culinary soul, from its passionate farmers and innovative chefs to the breathtaking landscapes that produce its ingredients. 


“We’re beyond ecstatic to share Melbourne and regional Victoria’s attractions through A Journey Through Melbourne, Victoria. It showcases the vibrant experiences that await Malaysians and international visitors alike, experiences that will also be vividly brought to life in Chef Anis Nabilah’s new digital series. We invite everyone to explore the diversity and vibrancy that make Melbourne and Victoria every bit different,” said Celia Ho, South and Southeast Asia Regional Manager at Visit Victoria. 

Chef Anis Nabilah shared, “Through my series, I aim to unveil the layers of Melbourne and regional Victoria, showcasing the stories and the people behind the destination’s renowned culinary scene and truly experience this destination in a whole new way, speaking to chefs, farmers, owners, and producers – all the people behind the food and beverage that we consume. I have always loved visiting Melbourne and Victoria as each visit brings renewed experiences.”

Indeed, with eclectic locales, breathtaking natural beauty, and a culinary scene that is as diverse as it is innovative, Victoria and Melbourne are calling, ready to offer an experience of flavours and adventures just waiting to be savoured. 

Don’t miss Chef Anis Nabilah’s 6-episode digital series, A Journey Through Melbourne, Victoria, on her YouTube channel at with the first episode kicking off on 26 April 2024. Subsequent episodes will be released every two weeks on Fridays.

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