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Planning To Go To Hat Yai? Here An Easy Guide For You!

Hat Yai
Picture: @aidilriza

For many people, whenever you mention Thailand, they would undoubtedly picture the ambiance of attractive places there, such as Hat Yai. It is even claimed that Hat Yai is the go-to place for finding delicious delicacies. This place is the perfect for food hunters!

Malaysians who reside in northern states, such as Kelantan, may have some experience travelling there. They may have inside information, especially when it comes to saving money.

However, a lot of people still haven’t had the chance to visit Hat Yai and don’t know how to budget their spending to make the trip as affordable as possible

So if you are planning to go to Hat Yai but don’t know how, no worries! Here is a simple guide for you to go!

Methods of travelling

There are 2 methods for you to choose if you are planning to go there. You can either take the bus or the train!

The first method you opt to use is the bus. You can directly take the bus from Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) and it will take you directly to Hat Yai Bus Station.

Tickets will cost RM70 and will take around 8 hours. If you are planning to take the bus, the best time to go is at night time. You can sleep throughout the 8 hour journey and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go explore Hat Yai!

But if you taking the bus in the morning, the bus will make multiple stops at the R&R stations along the way.

The second method that you can decide to use is taking the train. Taking the trains requires you to make a few more steps than taking the bus.


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♬ original sound – B. 🦋 – B. 🦋

To take the train, you will have to take it from KL Sentral all the way to Padang Besar. Train tickets are limited so it is advisable to book your tickets online. The train tickets go from RM79 all the way to RM106.

When you are at Padang Besar, you can buy a train ticket to Hat Yai which only cost RM7! The train will arrive at Hat Yai Train Station.


There are a few places where you can stay. The place that @aidilriza recommend is Bhava Residence. It will only cost from RM65 per night. This will give you a king-sized bed, a fridge and microwave for you to use. Very convenient!

What to do in Hat Yai

Since Hat Yai is a food paradise, you need to go to ASEAN Night Market and Greenway Market. Both of this places are only a walking distance away from Bhava Residence.

These places are jam-packed with stores with a variety of food and local delicacies. You can spend a few hours here exploring and trying out the different foods. The prices here are very affordable if you are on a limited budget, so don’t worry and eat your hearts out!

It is not only food that you can find there, clothing and accessories are also sold there.

Make sure you plan your journey carefully and don’t forget to enjoy the beauty of Hat Yai!

Sources: Siakap Keli, @aidilriza, @incandescentbutterfly

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