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Father That Loves To Watch K-Drama, A Rare Sight To Witness!


Father nowadays has so many things that they can do during their free time. This is especially when they reside with their own children at their house in the city. One of the major things that they would usually do would be none other than watch television.

A video that got posted on TikTok about a particular father recently has attracted so much attention. As everyone can see in the posted video, the father is watching a K-Drama with much focus. To those who do not know, it is indeed the ‘Big Mouth’ drama.


ayah korg tengok kdrama tak ? Takk hmm lemahh 😭😭 kita ni kena paksa bukakkan untuk dia 😭☝🏻 #fyp #kdrama #bigmouth #bigmouthlastepisode😪 #fypシ

♬ original sound – Yrgal – Yrgal

Through a video uploaded by a TikToker that goes by the name @pppppaaaaahhhhhh, netizens can see some of the father’s hilarious behavior. It is actually while he was watching the Korean drama that a lot of people love nowadays. Such dedication!

Understandably, the TikToker was also forced by his own father to open every episode of the K-Drama. It is more and more interesting because of the narration of it. The K-Drama has several plot twists that make the father interested in watching.

Looking at the comments section, so many netizens find it funny to see the father’s reaction. Some also share their experience.

Picture: TikTok

Picture: TikTok

In conclusion, everyone can have the desire to watch K-Drama. Whether it be young or even old, they would love the storyline.

Sources: TikTok @pppppaaaaahhhhhh.

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