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SWCorp Advices Not To Fall Into The ‘Nafsu Ramadhan’ Trap

Picture: Maukerja, Stratsea, ClipartMax

Approximately in three weeks, we’ll welcome the holy month of Ramadhan again. The Ramadhan celebration is one of the most awaited and anticipated festivities for many Muslims worldwide

Just the thought of living in a month full of barakah and sustenance makes us so grateful to be alive. Additionally, the arrival of Lailatul Qadr, the powerful night of blessings, it’s an opportunity many don’t want to miss. 

Aside from the additional ibadahs we’re going to do, the main one has to be the fasting part! It’s a month of self-control in many aspects, and one of them is hunger. 


Picture: Muslim Hands

It’s normal for someone to feel extra hungry when they’re fasting. Even among people who are used to fasting outside of the Ramadhan month, it’s also challenging for them. But there’s a price that awaits these hungry survivors, which is the bazaar Ramadhan!

Honestly, we’re also very excited to visit the bazaar this year! Many new menus and food trends will happen this upcoming Ramadhan. Do you have a ‘must-eat’ dishes you want to try?


Picture: Traveloka

Yet, do you know what’s SWCorp’s biggest concern this upcoming Ramadhan? 

SWCorp wishes Malaysians won’t be too ‘pelahap’ this Ramadhan

SWCorp shared a post on their Facebook page by quoting a line from Surah Al-Isra, “Surely the squanderers are the fellows of the Shaitans and the Shaitan is ever ungrateful to his Lord” (27). 

Did you know? SWCorp estimated that Malaysians would waste more than 75,000 tonnes of food during Ramadhan this year. Moreover, food waste is the largest type of waste produced in Malaysia. Sadly, it’s the core cause of pollution. 

These food wastes in dump sites cause leachate. The dirty water will flow to the rivers and contaminate them. Thus, this will endanger marine life and other food sources. 


Picture: Clean Malaysia

Therefore, SWCorp shares a few useful tips to be more aware when buying foods during Ramadhan. 

The list is as follows:

  • Order food in the right quantity, don’t buy too much.
  • Exchange meals with neighbours.
  • Don’t be too rash when buying.
  • In buffets, take only the amount you can eat.
  • Create new dishes out of leftovers.

To everyone enthusiastic about the menus in bazaar Ramadhan, remember only to buy what you want to eat. Don’t be afraid if it’s ‘not enough’. It’s enough. That’s just your nafsu alluring you to spend more. 

We can make a difference. Let’s be more mindful of what we buy this year, okay? 

Sources: Facebook SWCorp, Twitter BFM News

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