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A Man Still Goes To Work Despite Being Dead For 8 Years

Pictures: TikTok @xalien97, Pngtree

Different beliefs have different perspectives about the dead. Some say they’ll reincarnate and become something else in the next life. While some believe they’ll be in a different realm waiting for judgement day.

But one thing we can say about the dead is they can’t do things the living are doing. For example, they can’t eat, drink, sleep or go to work. They’re no longer capable of carrying the responsibility as a breathing, living thing.

However, if someone claims they receive help from the dead, will you believe them?

Here’s a creepy story that will incite goosebumps all over your body.

The dead comes to work and helps others

The security guard at the construction site shared a mysterious experience his co-workers went through.

He said the worker tried to push the cable spool. For those who don’t know, the cable spool looks like a giant circle of wires and is very heavy. It requires more than a person to move this reel. However, he was alone that night and couldn’t push one of the spools.


Picture: Google

Miraculously, another worker approached him and said, “I got you. Just guide me, and I’ll push it for you.”

So the other worker thanked him for his help and moved the spool together. But! Afterwards, this person wanted to thank the kind worker for his help, but he disappeared.

He thought it wasn’t anything serious, so he went back to his post. But that night, they went through some memorial pictures of people who previously worked at the construction site. Weirdly, he saw a picture of the person who helped him minutes ago!

The man that helped him died eight years ago!

So, who helped the worker that night?

Who’s this kind ‘ghost’?

We can’t promise the legitimacy of this information, but according to this Twitter thread shared by Jeffrey Zain (@mrcreepyposta), the ‘dead’ man was Alan Lopez. He died from a tragic death in 2015.

If you don’t believe it, look at this video. You’ll be the judge.

Perhaps Alan has some unfinished business to be done, or he’s just passing the time by helping others before he can go to the next phase of his journey.

Here’s an explanation video of the worker named Jose, who was helped by Alan that night.


Jose gives you guys a insight of what happend what he saw and felt #xalien97 #ghosts #paranormal #paranormalactivity #angel #spirit #demon #construction #interview

♬ original sound – X

Anyhow, it’s nice to have a ghostly figure like Alan helping others instead of haunting them.

Sources: Twitter Jeffrey Zain, TikTok @xalien97

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