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“Concerts Are Malaysia’s Source Of Income,” Sajat Shares Facts Many Malaysians Agree

Pictures: TikTok Nur Sajat

Many concerts are happening in Malaysia soon. It looks like the country is slowly opening doors to many foreign acts worldwide to perform here, mainly in Kuala Lumpur. One of the most impactful concerts held in Malaysia was BLACKPINK’s Born Pink tour last Saturday. The concert accumulated around 70,000 fans coming not only from Malaysia but other countries too.


Picture: Koreaboo

However, there’s an ongoing dispute and discussion about bringing BLACKPINK and other artists to the country. Some disagree because it disrupts Islamic practices and moralities since Muslims are predominant in the country. We don’t want to dive deep into this because it sparks many controversial outcomes and is a sensitive issue. Yet, we can say that there’s also a good side to this seemingly ‘negative’ approach by the new government.

We resonate with Nur Sajat’s opinions on the concert. She explains her thoughts well, and we agree with most of them.

“Concerts are a source of income”

Even though many don’t see the importance of allowing concerts to happen in Malaysia, it’s one of the core elements in improving the tourism and economic sectors.

Try to think of it this way: when there’s a concert in Malaysia, and the performing act is a big name in the industry. For example, if BTS holds a concert in Malaysia, many ARMYs will come. Not only Malaysian ARMYs, but ARMYs worldwide.

So, when they come to Malaysia, they’ll not only go to the concert, but they’ll see the beauty of the country. If they’re satisfied with Malaysia’s offerings, like warm hospitality and delicious food, they will visit the country again!

So, Sajat explains, holding concerts or other entertainment-based events in Malaysia doesn’t only benefit the country but also the people.

Opening doors to these entertainment purposes will increase Malaysia’s economic and tourism sectors.



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Many Malaysians agree with Sajat’s opinion.


Picture: TikTok Nur Sajat


Picture: TikTok Nur Sajat

We hope people can see this issue from various perspectives. There must be something beneficial in everything the government is doing. Let’s see where this will take us in the future.

Source: TikTok Nur Sajat

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