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(Video) Going For An Interview? Here’s 3 Interview Mistakes You Must Avoid!

When you’re at a job interview, it’s easy to make a mistake. Being under the limelight of an interviewer might make you anxious and cause you to make mistakes. The worse part is sometimes we don’t realize the common mistakes we make during an interview.

Therefore, take some time to prepare for your interview so that you don’t have to stress or worry about it later on. Here are 3 common interview mistakes.

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Mistake 1- Failure to clean up online images

Let’s say you had a good interview and the interviewer is offering you the position. Before they do so, they would take a quick glance online to see whether or not they are on social media. Here’s the question: do your social media posts depict a professional image? If they don’t, just make sure your posts are private and not accessible publicly.

Another thing to check on is whether you have a professional answerphone message on your phone. Let’s just say you got a call about the position offered but you are unable to attend the call, and they are greeted by unprofessional answerphone messages. This could actually put them off! Little things such as this could hinder you from getting a job.

Mistake 2- Not follow up after the interview is over

Only a few people practice this. This method helps keep you in the mind of the interviewer. Make sure to send them a thank you email as soon as you’re back home after the interview. Here’s a sample email template you can use:

Picture: Canva

Mistake 3-Being negative about former co-workers or managers

You need to be positive throughout your interview. Even the slightest negativity can be sensed by your interviewer. So don’t be give negative remarks about your former employer, co-worker or workplace. So, if the interviewer asks you why do you want to leave your current job, try saying something like you’re looking for a change. You enjoyed working at your previous company but you want a fresh challenge with a new company.

So these are the common mistakes to look into before going for an interview. There’s no need to rush. Take all the time you need to prepare for your interview session so that you will be more confident and able to secure the position.

Sources: TikTok Career Vidz

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