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Paku&Pontianak Gives Free 50 Plates Of Newly-Improved ‘Keli’ Fish And Chips This Weekend

fish and chips
Pictures: Twitter Danial Zaini

To those who don’t know, fish and chips are a staple food for the Brits. It’s also one of their biggest pride. Fillets of fresh fish coated in a light batter, accompanied with vinegar and pickles, that’s a flavour combo known in England. However, everyone in the food industry is creative. Every restaurant has its version of the menu.

Malaysian eateries aren’t missing out on the food trend. Some are trying to be a trendsetter by creating a different menu altogether. Well, it’s good that they wanted to try something new. But sometimes, simple is best.

A few days ago, fish and chips trended on various social media platforms. Netizens have been talking about this one restaurant owned by the multitalented celebrity, Danial Zaini, Paku&Pontianak. His restaurant was opened about a month ago, and the hype was insane.

However, it’s a bit saddening when we come across a tweet. Their signature Paku&Pontianak Keli (catfish) Fish and Chips is too good to be true.

fish and chips

Picture: Twitter

Usually, fillets are used in making the dish. But it looks like Paku&Pontianak use the whole fish instead. And honestly, it doesn’t trigger our appetite.

Therefore, the founder, Danial and his team acknowledged their weaknesses. To compensate for the unpleasant experience, Danial posted a video of a newly-improved fish and chips. The dish looks way better now.

Moreover, the restaurant gives 50 plates of fish and chips for free this weekend. Head to the restaurant this 17 and 18 February!

We know unpleasant food experiences can be traumatising. Yet, it’s also commendable if we can give it another try. Perhaps, this time, it’ll be better than the last. 🙂

Source: Twitter Danial Zaini

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