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(Video) Which One Is Better? Malaysia vs India Maggi!

Maggi is not a foreign food to us. These 2 minutes noodles are very popular among children and adults. They come in various flavours like curry, tom yam and soup and they come in different packaging like packet and cup. All you have to do is soak it in hot water for 2 minutes, add your seasoning and you’re done. There are many ways to cook these instant noodles. You can stir fry them or have them as soup.

And if you’re thinking Maggi originated from our country, then you’re wrong. Maggi originated from Switzerland in the late 1900s. Julius Maggi, from Switzerland, named the company Maggi in 1872. Back in those days, after spending long hours in industries, women had to return home and cook. In such a terrible period, Julius Maggie was enlisted by the Swiss Public Welfare Society, and Maggi noodles were formed out of need. Now Maggi and is owned by Nestle. Maggi has been exported to various country but its popularity remains in Malaysia and Indian.

Because of that, Youtuber named iChang RM have decided to compare the Maggi from India with the Maggi from Malaysia as they were wondering what’s the difference.

Here’s the notable difference:

  • Packaging is already different
  • India Maggi feels harder than the Malaysian one but after cooking, it’s almost the same.
  • The India Maggi comes in masala flavour whereas the Malaysian Maggi is curry.
  • India Maggi doesn’t come with individual packaging like the Malaysian Maggi.
  • The seasoning of the Malaysian Maggi looks darker in colour while the India Maggi looks lighter.
  • From taste-wise, Malaysia Maggi tastes spicy and strong and the India ones taste a lot sweeter and not really spicy.

That’s a fun way of experimenting, isn’t it? But, no matter how different Maggi might be, I’m pretty sure we all have a soft spot for them.

Sources: iChang RM

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