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Are You Applying For Universities Through UPU? Know These Three Categories Of Public Universities In Malaysia

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It is the big exam month for Form 5 students! After that, you will enroll in a university by applying through a system called UPU. There, you can choose the university of your dream. Moreover, you can choose 12 universities and courses that you are interested in.

Nevertheless, many are confused between private universities and public universities. To take for example, if you receive a message or a letter stating that you are offered to study at a particular university, it might not be an offer from a public university. This is because the only way to enroll in a public university is by filling up the UPU.

Many people choose to study at public universities because the fee is much lower than at private universities. Either way, every university is good as they share knowledge with you.

Talking about public universities, there are only 20 public universities in our country. The universities are divided into three categories. Watch the video by @sirpedot to learn more:


Jenis universiti awam di Malaysia! #sirpedot #tiktokguru #tiktokgurumalaysia #highereducation #pengajiantinggi #universitiawammalayasia

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There are Research Universities, Comprehensive Universities, and Focused Universities.

Research Universities are the universities that focus on research. Meanwhile, Comprehensive Universities offer various courses and fields of study. Lastly, Focus Universities focus on specific areas related to their establishment.




Picture: Kementerian Pendidikan Tinggi

SPM students, where do you want to further your studies?

Source: @sirpedot (TikTok) , Kementerian Pendidikan Tinggi

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