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Very Creative! This Man Has An Artistic Talent Of Doodling On Cars And Motorcycles

Picture: @zameerpentbrush

Everyone has at least one talent in them. It may be in cooking, music, sports, singing, artistic talent and more! Sometimes, people do not even know they have one or more talents because they are afraid to unleash them. But let us tell you this: Just embrace who you are!

Do you know Mr. Doodle? We guess that you have heard of him before. Read here. He is popular for doodling on things. Even his house is doodled! Most shockingly, his Tesla too!

We have found another Mr. Doodle, but the Malaysian version. @zameerpentbrush doodles on cars too! Not just cars, motorcycles, shirts, and more! Have you been to a 3D cafe before? Guess what? His doodling on cars and motorcycle looks like that. They look amazing like they come out straight from a comic book!


Mangsa seterusnya… #cartoon #car #zameerpentbrush

♬ bunyi asal – ꧁ R.kay_Official ꧂ – ꧁ 𝑹.𝒌𝒂𝒚_𝑶𝒇𝒇𝒊𝒄𝒊𝒂𝒍 ꧂


Ok2 dah siap dh kete kartun ni.mggu ni je ade terengganu,pasni blh jupe la area selangor plk kot.. #zameerpentbrush #cartoon #car

♬ Mara Bahaya – Pop Shuvit

Aside from black paint, he also uses colourful paints. Check this out:


Sbb aku ingat kata2 sorg ustaz tu..”diakhirat nanti syurga tu dipenuhi pendosa yg brtaubat dari org alim yg munafik.” #sprinttest #rxz

♬ original sound – @Fizzmino – @Fizzmino


Arrr musim dia nk mari dh.patut pon ramai budak sklah call.ingtkan ade cramah motivasi..sruh cnteng baju #spm plk… #zameerpenbrush

♬ Long tall Sally – Little Richard

Don’t you feel you want to get the doodles on your car too? If you are interested, contact @zameerpentbrush!

Doodling is one of the talents that many aspire to have, and he is sure lucky to have the talent. Want to see more of his artistic touch by him? Visit his TikTok and get ready to be amazed!

Source: @zameerpentbrush (TikTok)

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