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Tips To Get Angpaos During This Chinese New Year

Picture: @lowsokying

It is almost Chinese New Year! The festival is hugely celebrated worldwide, including in Malaysia too. Even months before the festive season, we can see houses, buildings, and even the roads decorated with red decorations to welcome the Chinese New Year. But why red? Read here to know more. 

Also known as the Lunar New Year, this occasion will not be perfect without visiting families and friends. The most awaited things for all are the angpaos! Do you know that only specific people can give and get the angpaos? 


Replying to @affaandtuty19 Jangan suruh saya bagi Angpao saya belum kahwin!! #cny #chinesenewyear

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Who can give and get angpaos? 

Who is here still single? Good news for you! According to @lowsokying on TikTok, only the singles can receive angpaos. But from whom will they receive the angpaos?  

Only the married can give angpaos. It does not matter how old are they. Even if they are as old as your grandfather, but are not yet married, they are not obliged to give you angpaos. 

That same goes for married people, but younger than you. Because they are married, they can give you angpaos. Nevertheless, some married people, young or old, do not want to give you anything. Thus, there is nothing you can do. 

Now that you know who can and cannot give you angpaos, let’s get into the tips on how to get one.


Picture: South China Morning Post

Tips to get angpaos

@lowsokying mentions in her video for us to begin with a greeting.

  • “Happy Chinese New Year.”
  • “May your life flourish” etc.

Then, if the person wants to give you an angpao, you will need to take it using both of your hands. Do not forget to thank him or her afterwards. 

But there is a different approach to ask for angpaos from your close friends. 

  • “Happy Chinese New Year.”
  • “Please give me an angpao.”

Remember, this can only be applied to your close friends (I mean, your very very close friends). 

If you say, “give me an angpao” to someone who you are not close with, they will consider you a rude person.

Thank you, @lowsokying for this fruitful information. Now, let’s hunt for angpaos!

Source: @lowsokying (TikTok).

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