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Fascinating! Simple Tricks To Get Rid of Ants Once And For All!

If there is one ant, obviously there’s a thousand more. If you’re outdoors, ants might not be a really big problem but when they start wandering in your homes, you have a major issue there. Getting rid of these creepy-crawlies may rapidly turn into a costly, chemical-laden nightmare, but there are a few tried-and-true home treatments that take care of the problem humanely and without the need for an ant graveyard.

Here are 4 cost-saving ways you can use to get rid of ants

1. Chalk, steel wool, and foam

Picture: Clegg’s Pest Control

It’s preferable to cut off ants’ ingress as soon as possible if you know where they’re coming in from. Use caulk, steel wool, and foam to stop their route if there’s a gap in a window, under a door, or a hole in a wall.

2. Essentials oils

Picture: The Today Show

Essential oils are great in a bath or in a diffuser, but they’re also effective in fighting ant infestations. Peppermint and tea tree oils, in particular, create a foul taste in ants’ mouth, and these strong oils’ are also a significant deterrent. Simple drop these essentials oils on your windowsills, by doorways, or near any other potential entry point and rub them into a straight line. This oil line will act as a barrier and prevent ants from getting in.

Another way is to mix the essential oil with water and spray on the area that seems to be infested with ants.

3. Cinnamon and Cayenne

Picture: healthline

These two spices, whether used separately or in combination, are effective ant repellents and eliminators. Sprinkle one or both along the same entryways and watch as ants go as far away as possible. The survivors will ultimately turn to them for nourishment, but their systems aren’t up to the task.

4. Vinegar

Picture: MedicineNet

Not only are they good for cleaning and cooking, but vinegar also works well to repel ants too! Mix equal parts water and white vinegar in a spray bottle and spray all the way. The vinegar is strong enough to end the ants where they stand, and it also erases the scent trails those initial ants leave behind to guide their friends into your kitchen.

Besides these tricks, ensure your kitchen is clean at all times. Sweep and clean up any crumbs or food waste, cover fruits and other foods with a lid or firmly lock them up, don’t let standing water become the norm (ants need to drink too you know), and check on those sealed-off openings on a regular basis to guarantee they have no way back in.

Ants are a typical house intruder that might be difficult to eradicate, but it is doable. Try these easy homemade ants repellents and see the benefits yourself!

Sources: Food52

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