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Sabalik Baju Charity Film Premiere

KUALA LUMPUR, 14 SEPTEMBER 2021 – Red Communications will be holding a one-day-only charity screening of SABALIK BAJU movie on 16 September 2021, where 100% of the ticket proceeds will be contributed to Sisters in Islam in supporting their work in upholding women’s rights in Malaysia.

SABALIK BAJU the latest film produced by Red Communications explores the seduction, the destruction and the empowerment of social media for 6 women, changing their lives for better or for worse. Featuring a stellar ensemble cast Mira Filzah, Juliana Evans, Kaka Azraff, Nadiya Nissa, Sarancak and introducing Elena Moujing. They each play characters in 6 different stories which are all interconnected. Each character comes to a crossroad when they have to face up to their fears or the demons in their lives.

In Hak Peribody, DAHLIA (Nadiya Nisaa) is a writer who feels lost after the women’s magazine which she has worked in all her life closes down. She blames social media and how everyone has now shifted their lives to depend on it. When she overhears an argument between a husband and a wife one day, Dahlia is inspired to start an online business selling sexy lingerie to spice up relationships between spouses. Hak Peribody is written and directed by Junad Nor.

In the next story, digital native HANNAH (Elena Moujing) thinks she is falling in love with User ID 721 whom she met on the latest dating app, Love Clicks. Problem is, she really doesn’t know what he looks like because all everyone sees is each other’s Avatar.

Unlike the other dating app Hunny Bunny, everyone knows if you are on it, you are just looking for ‘hook-ups’. That’s why in Dalam Kain, relationship coach SIERRA (Sarancak) finds her husband Hanif on the app and becomes a laughing stock on social media. Sierra decides to go along with her best friends’ plans to find out if Hanif is cheating on her, again. Both Love Clicks and Dalam Kain are written and directed by Sarah Lois.

In Bukan Salah Ibu Mengandung beauty blogger MYRA (Juliana Evans) and her manager husband  IRFAN’s (Alif Satar) livelihood is threatened when she is now heavily pregnant with her first child. Myra finds her hormones going crazy and develops a serious aversion to makeup, prompting a warning from her clients. Written by Rafidah Abdullah and directed by Umie Salwana Omar.

Aset is about SALINA (Kaka Azraff) who has always been conscious of her large bust size. She finds herself seated next to SALLY (Joanne Kam), a rather outspoken and gregarious woman. This chance encounter changes Salina’s perspective about her body forever. Written by Rafidah Abdullah and directed by Afiza Asram.

The last story is about ARIA (Mira Filzah) who wants a career more than a husband. However her over-protective, super conservative father disagrees as he thinks that a woman should not have to work so hard in life. After all, isn’t it the husband’s role to provide for a wife? Written and directed by Afiza Asram.

The film will premiere online for one day on September 16, 2021. It is a special charity screening for only RM50 and RM20 for students. One hundred percent of the profits will go to Sisters In Islam (SIS) to support their work in upholding women’s rights in Malaysia.

To watch the film, the public can go to

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