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Something Magical This Way Comes With Coolblog’s Magical Unicool!


Something magical this way comes as Coolblog ups the ante by introducing their aesthetically-pleasing drink, Magical Unicool! For a limited time only with Magical Unicool, Coolblog will be offering Fluffy Cloud Bits as a topping to further enhance the taste of this vibrant-looking beverage guaranteed to be a hit among customers.

As Malaysia’s pioneering kiosk-based Halal dessert and beverage brand, Coolblog continuously strives to create beverages that everyone can happily indulge in by ensuring great taste and variety in flavours as well as value for money and availability of the drinks nationwide. The Magical Unicool series comes in three flavours: Unicool Magical, Unicool Dazzle and Unicool Twinkle to add to the dreaminess of the Unicorn-inspired smoothies, Coolblog has decided to elevate its fans’ experience with mini marshmallows full of fluffiness and colour.

Unicool Magical

According to Ashida Arshad, Marketing Campaign Manager of Coolblog, Magical Unicool is inspired by the Unicorn that symbolises fantasy and fairytale which has led Coolblog to create such a drink aimed at enlightening a gloomy day, while sparking joy in one’s mood. 

“Coolblog’s inclusion of the Fluffy Cloud Bits came as a natural decision as we wanted to highlight the dreamy-fantasy element of the drink that complements the unique flavour combination and aesthetic value from its colours. Additionally, our team has worked hard to improve the series in terms of aspects such as the ingredients utilised, the overall taste, the SOPs and even the packaging to ensure the standard is no less than the best so that customers can have the best experience when enjoying the smoothie,” added Ashida. 


Unicool Dazzle

The Magical Unicool series consists of Unicool Magical, a combination of strawberry and blue coral flavour that gives it a sweet and yummy taste; Unicool Dazzle is infused with yam and blue coral flavour and Unicool Twinkle is a mixture of yam and strawberry flavour. All three smoothies come with chewy brown sugar pearls, rainbow jelly and Fluffy Cloud Bits priced at RM10.90. 

“We are always committed to giving our customers something new to indulge in, and we hope the Magical Unicool will bring magical moments to our fans and their loved ones as we approach the second quarter of the year. Fans can expect us to continue raising the bar by improving our existing beverages while innovating new flavours to enjoy, so do look out for more from us!” said Ashida.  

Unicool Twinkle

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